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When you need a financial boost, you will likely need to seek the services of a credit provider. These are companies that extend a number of financial solutions to consumers such as credit cards, loans, goods, and other services through facilities of credit and overdraft. Credit providers are regulated by the FCA or the Financial Conduct Authority to ensure that they conduct their business legally and ethically.

Where to Find Direct Lenders

If you are looking to apply for a loan, credit companies can offer you a variety of credit options. Since different providers can offer different benefits depending on your current circumstances. Read on to find out more about the different companies that can offer you a loan.


These are financial institutions that make it possible for organisations and people to invest or borrow money. In the UK, the base rate of the bank of England can dictate variable interest rates on credit. In addition, this will also vary depending on the account history and credit history of the buyer as well as the size of the loan.

Banks usually offer unsecured credits such as credit cards and personal loans. They also offer secured ones such as mortgages and car loans. Unsecured credits do not have any asset guaranteeing the loan and approval is usually banked on the application details and credit history of the borrower. Secured loans on the other hand involve assets as collateral which the bank could size in the event of a repayment default.

Credit unions

An alternative to banks, they offer financial services and products where the money is then put back into the community. Borrowing from these institutions requires membership and often, members may have something in common such as other trade unions, jobs, or location. The loans they provide may be smaller compared to banks but they offer a much cheaper loan alternative.

Department stores and supermarkets

There are department stores that offer their own credit cards. They can be store credit cards that function like a normal credit card but are usable only to a specific group or chain. They also have credit cards linked to the store but can be used anywhere, which allow them to function as any standard credit card.

Payday lenders

These lending companies offer lending that has more flexible terms to borrowers with a poor credit history. The increased risk they have to deal with from the kind of customers they cater to however offers them to only offer short-term loans but at very high interest rates. In addition, missed payments could also reflect on your credit record making it even more difficult for you to secure credit in the future. 

Bad credit can often complicate a financial issue. Instead of being able to access various credit options, most lenders are likely to turn you down because you do not meet their credit score requirements. You’ll be happy to know though that there are lenders who would be willing to offer you a small personal loan despite your bad credit. 

Where to Apply for Loans

A bad credit personal loan is something that lenders offer for those customers with limited borrowing options due to their low credit scores. This can be useful for bailing somebody out during financial emergencies despite the fact that your credit score may be less than what is ideal for most standard loans. 

Since this is a personal loan, the money you’re borrowing is going to be paid back through monthly instalments. There is a fixed amount which means that you will know exactly how much you need to pay every time your due date comes. There are a number of places that offer these loans today. As long as you can prove to lenders that you can pay back what you’re borrowing, you are most likely going to be approved. 

Banks will be willing to assist you get a personal loan if you have an account with them. Most would require a guarantor to approve the loan. Approval is also very likely if you have collateral to secure the loan. 

Credit unions are a good place to get a personal loan if you have low credit. They are known for their low rates, so they may be a good place to look into if you want to get something more affordable. 

You can use your home equity to get approved for a personal loan too. Your credit score would not even matter. A home equity means instant approval for a loan. Just be careful though because you can lose the house if you can’t pay the debt back. 

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Apply to Borrow £1000 to £25,000*